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September 30 2012


nepali movie

There was a time when we failed to hesitate to maintain aside several rupees to attend a cinema hall. Visiting a movie hall maybe cost them ten to twenty rupees, and that was expendable. Whether it be Hindi or Nepali movies, there was little of your difference regarding the price they'd to pay for with a cinema hall. This encouraged individuals to look at the hall, at least once per month. Similarly, in addition, it was an easy task to visit like a family or even in a group of friends, and weren't required to expend that much. Likewise, if someone needed a place for a nice date (sometimes noisy) then a cinema hall was there. Who does mind spending some cash to obtain some good entertainment?

nepali movie

Everything has changed, and drastically at that, if you feel about this. Today, the urban crowd does not desire to head to any cinema hall; it wants to look at the coolest cinema hall in town. And, yeas there are numerous options available, thanks to the multiplexes and highly facilitated movie halls. Within the valley, there are cinema halls like Gopi Krishna, Jai Nepal, Kumari, QFX Central, Big Cinema, Barahi, amongst others. People throng to thee halls to watch movies of genres, and of all places. Whether it's a Hindi movie, a Hollywood movie, or a Nepali movie, folks don't think twice for the greatest of facilities. No one ponders the question, simply how much in case you spend to view a Nepali movie? And, why should anyone? Don't you think our responsibility to love Nepali films, and heed them the same respect and standing as Hollywood or Hindi movies? Yes, absolutely, but when you consider it, may be not.

nepali movies

Just how much are Nepali movies made of? Carry out the film producers in Nepal spend the same sum of money in Nepali film that Hindi or Hollywood producers do? The reply is most likely no, then why must we give the same price to watch a Nepali film? Just isn't it fair that people see a Nepali cinema in, say about fifty to sixty rupees, even just in the multiplexes. All things considered, most Nepali cinemas are comparable, with just a few exceptions. Their quality is not identical to the Hindi or Hollywood movies, neither is their presentation. Therefore, paying as much as other movies is not cost effective for a Nepali movie.

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